Wireless Outdoor Sensor Security System


D3D Model with 3 PIR +3 Door Sensor+1 Doorbell +1 Wireless Outdoor Siren + 2 Remote, WiFi/GSM Sensor Security System

  • WIFI and GSM: Wireless security system powered with Wi-Fi and GSM technology. All alerts and data communication via WiFi. No need to worry about GSM SIM
  • DOOR BELL: Include Wireless door bell. Inbuilt Chime sound from control unit and notification send on mobile application. Never miss any visitor
  • INBUILT HOME AUTOMATION: Full function home automation via iOS and Android mobile application. Control home lights, AC, fridge
  • DUAL PROTECTION: In addition to mobile app alerts, system can call and send SMS alerts upto 10 family members. Two way audio communication to chat with family members or simply monitor. Loud siren to alert neighbours
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