Home Security System Wireless GSM Security Burglar Alarm Systems


Home Security System Wireless GSM Security Burglar Alarm Systems with 1 Alarm Host 1 PIR Sensor 1 Door Sensor 1 Siren Horn 2 Remote Control for Home/Office


  • Advanced Communication Technology – This GSM Alarm System adopts advanced mobile communication technology, supports SMA and dialing alarm. 8 wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones, when there is motion, real person voice prompt will sound and emergency alert information or calls will send to you. Let you know clearly and timely the situation of your home.
  • ➤Wide Range of Zones – 8 wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones. Remote control coding, at most 5 wireless remote control can be coded. LCD display, built-in calendar clock, operate easily.
  • ➤Real Voice Prompt – Real person voice prompt for all operations. SMS reminding when low battery. SMS reminding when AC power lost & recover. Built-in intercom speaker. Built-in wireless transmitting module, can connect wireless siren and smart home appliances.(Optional) Host can be controlled by APP. Timeing arm and disam function.
  • ➤Smart Remote Control – 6 groups of preset alarm phone numbers. 2 groups of preset alarm SMS numbers. 10-second recording voice message. Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer. Built-in SMS message (English&Chinese). Remote control:Arm, Disarm, Monitoring, Intercom, etc. Additional function: It can be used as a mobile telephone, dialing phone number, call cost inqury and charging by the panel.
  • ➤One-Key-Control Function – Out arm, home arm, remote control arm, calling arm. Real-time, at home, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function. Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories. Event log query: auto records all information of 45 alarm events. Multi-type arm modes: remote control arm, our delay arm, stay arm, timing arm, calling arm. Built-in Lithium rechargeable battery.
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